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Peacock Wedding Theme – Create an Exotic Look

If you want to have a memorable wedding, it is good to have a theme. The theme of your wedding can be very simple, such as using a particular color, or it can be very elaborate, such as having a wedding in a special location. One easy way to create a memorable theme is to use a peacock wedding theme. This type of theme has a classic look yet it is quite striking.

A peacock wedding theme can be created quite easily. For example, you can use gorgeous colors like peacock blue or green. You can make the event look more exotic with the use of real or artificial peacock feathers. Here are some more ways you can include the peacock them in your wedding.

First, you begin with the wedding invitations. Have a photo or drawing of a peacock on your wedding invitations to signal that the theme will be a peacock. If you prefer, you can use the simple image of just one peacock feather. A genuine feather will be even more impressive to your wedding guests.

Peacock Wedding Theme InvitationAbove Invitation Via: Wedding Paper Divas


At the reception, you can have your tables reflect the peacock theme. Fill tall vases with beautiful white flowers and include one or two peacock feathers in each vase to provide an exotic accent. If you can find table napkins featuring a peacock print, this will add to the festive look. The place cards for your guests can also include the theme of peacock feathers.

Peacock FeathersPeacock Feathers Via: Amazon

Have your florist create arrangements that emphasize the colors of peacock blue and green. Another way to utilize this theme is to have pale flowers mixed with real peacock feathers. The wedding cake can also match the theme, although you would not want to have your cake made in peacock colors. However, using a few feathers from this magnificent bird will create an exotic look, especially if you have a white cake. You can also place a layer of peacock feathers on the table to emphasize the peacock wedding theme.

Edible Peacock FeathersEdible Peacock Feathers Via: Amazon

Peacock Wedding Cake TopperPeacock Wedding Cake Topper Via:Etsy  

White Peacock Wedding CakeWhite Peacock Wedding Cake Via: My Wedding Concierge

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