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Quick Tips on Jewel Tone Wedding Colors

One of the biggest trends in wedding themes in the past few years is using Jewel Tone Wedding Colors. Elegance and extravagance come to mind when thinking of Jewels, as does royalty and power. These bright and bold colors allow brides to make a statement with their choices, and can give them a great feeling of personal power and pride on their special day.

Some of the most common and popular Jewel Tones are Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby.  The deep blue sapphire color matches with nearly any color palette and is a great choice in the winter which allows the combination with silver, white, and turquoise.

Ruby is a great bold color choice for the bride that truly is looking at making a statement and works the best with white, light blue, silver and black, and is a great color for the summer and fall.

Dark green Emerald is an elegant color and can fit into most color pallets. It works well with other accenting jewel tones and is best used as a spring color.

With a jewel tone color wedding it is important that your decorations fit in with the overall elegance of the theme. Your table centerpieces should be done with flowers that accent your colors as well as give off a traditional feel. Sapphire goes great with white lilies. Ruby with red and white roses, and Emerald with yellow roses, and queen ann’s lace. You also want to incorporate gold or silver into your tables through the use of gold or silver stemmed wine glasses. Fake diamonds and jewels can be placed around centerpieces and on tables to keep the jewelry colored theme alive and sparkling.

Some great locations and venues for a Jewel colored weddings are mid 1800’s Victorian Era homes or halls that can help to accentuate the decadence of your color scheme. Although the Victorian era was more reserved, that allows your colors to be more bold and pronounced in the presence of more neutral tones. Another great option would be an antebellum plantation, or botanical garden.

Taking these few ideas into consideration for your Jewel Tone Wedding Color theme will get you on your way with your planning. If you truly want to bring a powerful elegance to your ceremony this is a marvelous color palate to consider for your festive day. Remember that the sooner you get your ideas together, and book your venue, the better it will all fall into place, and your wedding is sure to be the time of your life.

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