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Fall Wedding Color Ideas

Getting ready for your wedding this fall? There’s no need to worry. We know you want your wedding to be close to perfection, like every other girl in the world. All you want is to walk down the aisle wearing that perfect smile being the most beautiful girl on that very moment. The way to start with your dream wedding is with a perfect color. You want it to be in season and you’re having it this fall.

Here we go. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. One very popular fall hue is orange. Orange is fresh and vibrant! It seems so youthful and so full of energy. Orange is also flexible. You can pair it with different colors. Here are some of the colors you can mix with orange: lilac, silver, burgundy, purple, green, aqua, turquoise, sky blue, chocolate brown, gold, or Watermelon.

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If you don’t feel orange is good enough, you can try other  color combinations. For two color combinations, you can have chocolate with red, eggplant and olive, olive and rust, orange and red, mocha and dark olive, or chocolate and eggplant. These sure will give you a very fresh look.

If you want a more color-varied theme, try these three-color combinations. If you want vibrant colors neutralized with earthly tone, try: chocolate, red, and orange. If you like more neutral shades, try combining chocolate, mocha, and ivory. Red, rust, and golden yellow create a warm and very passionate look.Eggplant, deep blue and merlot are for those blue lovers. If you love violet, try neutralizing it with humble colors, try: mocha, chocolate, and eggplant.

Other popular fall wedding colors are: burgundy, dark green, navy blue, silver, gold, creams, burnt orange,  brown, plum, fuchsia, purple, turquoise, slate blue, taupe, and lavender.

In choosing your fall wedding colors, remember to limit yourselves to three colors so as not to look messy. It is also recommended that you consider the venue of the reception (decorations, carpeting), and the atmosphere that you want to create (whether you want it cozy, dramatic, or passionate).

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