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December Wedding Colors

December is a popular month for weddings. This is the time of year when weather is cold and white snow is almost everywhere. People are on vacation that is why couples choose this month for their wedding. Moreover, it is a very festive month because it is the month when Christmas is celebrated and when New Year is just a few days away. 

In choosing your decorations, one important thing that you should consider is your color scheme. And since you are going to have your wedding in December, you might want to choose December wedding colors that are in season. Here are some tips and ideas for choosing the best colors for your December wedding.

If you want to create a Christmas-y atmosphere in your wedding reception, why not choose red and green colors with a touch of gold? Nothing can be more festive than the red-green color combination. For example, you can use poinsettias for your bouquet and centrepieces. Just add a touch of gold by using gold ribbons or glitters to make you decorations more elegant and festive.

winter wedding theme

Another great color for a December wedding is ice blue. By using this color, you are creating a winter wonderland wedding theme. Use silver accents to complete the magical look. You can sew on blue or purple flowers such as hydrangea, baby’s breath, or purple lilacs.
If you want an elegant, fresh, and simple color scheme, you can go for a white and green color combination. This brings you White Christmas. This is the popular option for formal weddings. You can use gold accents to add glitter and magic to your decorations.

In choosing your December wedding colors, you have to decide what your wedding theme will be and also the atmosphere or mood that you want to create. Keep in mind that it is your wedding, though. Which means you can choose whatever you like as long as you are happy with it.

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